Personality Analysis

When character and abilities meet people become brands. Their personalities make the difference. By means of marketing tools we analyze what makes you exceptional. An all-embracing view on your person from the perspective of self-perception and awareness by others results in a distinct overall picture.

You will see where your own roots lie, which values define your actions and what are your strengths, motivation and passion. We also point out how clearly these attributes are for the mainstream. From this your personal success story will be developed.

Personal Profiling

By analyzing your personality we define your brand profile and point out individual facts and capabilities. We formulate your personal brand promise, the following brand topics and review your individual brand marks to increase their recognizability.

Together we adjust every touch point of your brand step by step: from your business card to your homepage. The clearer the picture is, the sharper your personal profile will be.

Short Term Strategy

Based on your brand profile we define prospective partners and target groups. Together we develop your action plan and define relevant topics and moments to open up markets and target groups.

If needed, we support you with a special coaching such as individual media training to gain your personal brand equity in the short term. Hereby, the first chapters of your success story are written.

Long Term Strategy

On the fundament of a brand strategy we develop a consecutive and sustainable plan to gain your publicity, the acceptance of your brand and its value.

It’s our main focus to plan a second career and ponder over future scenarios which allow your abilities to perfectly fit to your actions after your professional career.