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19th July 1971, Kyrgyzstan

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Vitali Klitschko was born on July 19, 1971 in Belovodsk/Kyrgyzstan.
In 1999, Vitali became the WBO world champion for the first time, followed by the WBC title in 2004. Due to an injury he had to pause his career in 2004 for almost 4 years. In 2008, he succeeded in one of the greatest comebacks in sports history. Without a single preparation fight he directly faced the reigning WBC world champion Samuel Peter and won by technical KO. With this impressive success both Klitschko brothers were world champions at the same time and made their marks in the history books of sports. Since July 2011 the championship titles of all boxing associations have been united in the hands of the Klitschko family. On December 16, Vitali was designated the WBC Champion Emeritus. His impressive fight record stands at 45 wins, 41 of them by KO, and only two  defeats due to injuries.

Besides sports Vitali Klitschko has been pursuing a political career in the Ukraine since 2006. In his hometown of Kiev he stood for election to become the mayor for the third time on May 25th, 2014 and won the election with 57% of the votes. Since 2010 Vitali has been the chairman of the pro-western UDAR party.

During the Euromaidan protests Klitschko played an important role. He was the figurehead of the opposition and negotiated a compromise providing for new elections and the restoration of the constitution.

He is considered to be an important contact person for the EU leaders and international top politicians. “These elections were the most important ones in an independent Ukraine”, Klitschko said. “Now we have to fight corruption and build up social peace”. He withdrew his candidacy to become president in order to support the candidacy of the present president Petro Poroschenko.

Klitschko was one of the biggest advocates and activists during the Ukrainian application for the European Football Championships in 2012 (together with Poland). After being successful he remained a member of the organizing committee.

Vitali Klitschko has a big heart. In 1996, the Klitschko brothers established a foundation supporting underprivileged children. The "Klitschko Foundation" implements projects in sports and education. Children and adolescents should be given the chance to have a better future than under their habitual surroundings. “Without education these children don’t have a chance for a better future. We want to contribute so that they can have a chance. Therefore, we are always ready to help – and to fight for others”, Klitschko said. Furthermore, like his brother, he supports the German initiative “Ein Herz für Kinder”.



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