The “CAS Change & Innovation Management” program is a complete success and will continue!

The by the Klitschko Management Group ( KMG ) and Dr. Wladimir Klitschko in February this year initiated management study program "CAS Change & Innovation Management" at the University of St. Gallen, which was a complete success.

The participants of the first class were all excited by the team of experts around Dr. Klitschko and the renowned lecturers at the elite university of St. Gallen. "We have exclusively received positive feedback and very exciting impressions. I'm already looking forward to the next class, which will start on February 27, 2017. We had extremely interesting characters here, I also learned a lot," said Dr. Klitschko at today's press conference in St. Gallen.

This means that Klitschko, KMG and the Institute for Customer Insight (ICI-HSG) at the University of St.Gallen won´t only continue cooperation with a second class of the "CAS Change & Innovation Management," but also to extend it on a fundamental basis.

At today´s presser, Klitschko announced that the contracts were just signed to establish a common competence center seeking knowledge about today´s challenges, methods and solutions for intraprenuership with a main focus on self and challenge management to help entrepreneurs achieve sustainable success in the digital age.

"The competence center will contribute intrapreneurship to be a more essential topic of the business and entrepreneur world and it will be seen as a more reliable component of a sustainable and successful business,” said Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Jenewein, director of the Institute for Customer Insights." Our studies and our research on intrapreneurship are designed to give individuals and organizations their answers to the challenges of the VUCA world.”

"I knew from the beginning that the University of St. Gallen is the perfect partner in teaching Challenge Management and that the first class of Change and Innovation Management this year would only be the first step,” adds Dr. Wladimir Klitschko. "That we only received  positive feedback and excitement from the participants convinced me that my team and I were on the right way and deepening this topic.”

Here http://k-mg.de/studiengang/cas-changeinnovation/ you will find more information about the program, which so far is only in German language, and the coming competence center. Also see the website of the University of St. Gallen http://ici.unisg.ch/cas-cim/